Franklin Virtual High School (FVHS) provides a full range of educational options for teens and adults, including completion of high school requirements for previous dropouts. FVHS ( programs include traditional diploma, Fast Track and preparation for GED and other state equivalency exams, with graduates doubling their chances for better employment.


With national unemployment rates hovering above 8% (estimates as high as 25% for high school dropouts), it’s more important than ever to be able to show graduation from a recognized high school or equivalency program in order to land a viable job. Unfortunately, today’s high school dropout rate continues to be a significant problem; nearly one in three students do not finish high school. FVHS offers a viable solution for high school dropouts of any age: robust coursework delivered online 24/7, allowing students to study on their time, any time, as long as they have an Internet connection. FVHS programs include traditional diploma, Fast Track and preparation for GED and other state equivalency exams, with most students doubling their chances for better employment.

Courses are developed and/or delivered by fully certified high school teachers utilizing an easy-to-follow interactive and video-streaming learning format to which students have unlimited monthly access. The SACS accredited school has an A+ BBB rating. FVHS is uniquely set up for teens and adults whose schedules are such that access and study time needs to be flexible, delivering coursework to the home via the Internet 24/7.

“There are many phony online schools out there marketing high school ‘credentials’ specifically to take advantage of adult learners, so we encourage students to do their due diligence and research their options. Adult students have finally realized they need to graduate and we hope they don’t get hurt by or waste their money on these useless programs,” notes Franklin’s Chief Administrative Officer, David Hooser, adding that, “to help them, we offer a quick reference guide of currently advertised online school programs/options at FVHS offers a variety of satisfaction or money back guarantees so students will rest assured they’ve made a solid choice.

Registration to FVHS is quick, easy, and highly affordable, and students can enroll at their convenience. Additional interactive tutoring is available for a nominal fee.

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ABOUT: Franklin Virtual High School (FVHS) caters to teens and adults seeking to fulfill high school education requirements or equivalency as full- or part-time students. SACS Accredited and BBB A+ rated, the school was founded in 2009 to offer 100% online education. As a private enterprise, FVHS is a tuition-based educational institution that does not compete with public or charter schools for government funds. FVHS students are seeking to achieve a variety of goals, from career advancement to continuing their education, whether at trade/vocational schools, private schools and community colleges, or at major universities.

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