E.A.R.N. (Educational Assistance Resources Network) has been established to assist individuals of all ages
 in need of that essential high school credential and trade specific learning necessary in their pursuit of meaningful, gainful employment. Quality jobs in America are simply not obtainable without this, yet the dropout rates in our country have actually increased in the past few years.  Many argue that our public education system is broken for this segment of our population.  Public schools are either not set up to 
accommodate them or are already stressed in their present financial realities.  EARN can help but only with your help.  EARN places more of an emphasis on individualism, accessibility and end to end solutions vs a one size fits all environment.  Furthermore, EARN is working directly with the community organizations that are directly working to meet their essential life needs.

E.A.R.N. is helping students directly and through established community outreach organizations to bring the right education solutions (systems and financial resources) to assure success to the many growing segments of individuals in need.  Low-income and otherwise life challenged individuals, including struggling unemployed (or under-employed) individuals and families, single moms, runaways, abused, homeless and exploited teens need systems that address their unique circumstances and assure their success.  In this demographic, current education solutions are experiencing completion rates below five percent!  Our countries health depends on building strong communities EARN will fill the education solutions and resource needs gap to assure this…one student at a time!