PAGE 2017/18 (Project Arizona GED/EDU)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The objective of PAGE 2017/18 is to re-engage low-income adults, with a desire to achieve their high school credential (diploma or state issued General Equivalency Development (GED) certificate), by leveraging technology, industry, and available community services options to ensure their success.  PAGE 2017/18 will provide/or facilitate a complete education solution as an essential stepping-stone in developing the skills to “EARN” a better life for themselves and their families.


PAGE 2017/18 will achieve this by promoting the personal benefits of continuing education and removing direct and indirect obstacles to reaching their high school level education goal, regardless of their personal life challenges.


The project is targeted to providing some, or all, of the following education solutions beginning as early as October 2014.  Initial support for early students include all Phase 1 services listed below:


  • Student identification/qualification & intake/orientation.
  • Administering “My Plan” assessment test to determine academic levels for core math and English readiness for high school level training program.
  • Development, initiation & completion of an online ILP (Individual Learning Plan) & tutoring schedule resulting from the My Path assessment.
  • Initiation & completion of an daily lesson plan driven, virtual & live teacher supported, on-line curriculum covering all core subject areas to prepare for the 2014 GED® Test
  • Real-time monitor for student attendance & progress interactive faculty support and encouragement through the academic process.


Address possible obstacles including the following (Phase2 support):

  • Supplementation of, or referral to, English Language Learner programs (based on application inputs and assessment test results).
  • Provision of computer and internet access as determined qualified (based on funding).
  • Provision of transportation to and from E.A.R.N. facilities and GED testing facility as determined qualified (based on funding).
  • Assistance with facilitating day care or other special needs as determined qualified (based on funding).