About Us

Educational Assistance Resources Network, Inc. (E.A.R.N.) was established in 2012 as a non-profit organization to provide tuition assistance to students that have a desire to improve their present education level as an essential stepping-stone to reaching their goal of developing their skills to “E.A.R.N.” a better life for themselves and their family. E.A.R.N. provides financial assistance to a variety of income or specialty needs/circumstances to students that will bridge the gaps left by federal and state public school options for teens and adults.

To empower students of all demographics –age, gender, race, circumstance, and socio-economic levels of life, E.A.R.N. partners with Franklin Virtual High School, (FranklinHighSchool.us) Franklin Adult Continuing Education, and other national private school programs to deliver choice to our students to ensure higher levels of success. Our students struggle economically in our present economic times, and they often cannot find practical education options that realistically address their needs. Others have been cast aside or have been left to fail in public school environments, and their families cannot afford private school alternatives.

To help reach and identify those students and families that are truly in need of our program support, we also partner with organizations that are reaching out to those challenged and struggling to get on track and become a contributing part of their community. Our partners are reaching out to teens who have been abused, cast aside, reached a point of desperation, and simply need to know someone cares. Others help those that simply have had bad timing or less than fortunate life experiences and just need a helping hand to make that difference in whether they become a productive part of our society or not! Finally, we directly reach out to thousands of individuals who realize on their own that they have made bad choices and are finally ready to do something about it, but they simply cannot find practical and affordable solutions.

We openly welcome you as a prospective scholarship recipient, program volunteer (mentor, tutor, teacher, administrator), donor, or partner as we strive to help those ready to E.A.R.N. the opportunity to become a productive part of our society.