The “Why” Behind E.A.R.N.

The staggering statistics of the many life-challenged single moms, young adults or foster children about to age out of care can be overwhelming.  It is the stories of those seeking our help or the success of our recipients that make up the “why” behind all that we do.  We continue to believe in our purpose that together-our community, our corporate partners and our contributors-we can make a difference.


Take a look…

I’ve searched through online programs which required me to pay extremely high fees that I am not able to afford. Having to deal with my hardships and caring for a one-year old is very difficult. I’ve hit rock bottom and I decided that this not the life I want to continue to have for myself – and not only for myself, but also for my daughter, as well.  I want my child to always know that I am and always will be there for her, she won’t have to ever worry about being hungry, without clothes for school and, most importantly, she’d never have to worry about getting love.

–Jessica, 26, single mom

I am a single parent of three. I would love to complete my high school diploma, to go to college and get a better career. I want to make my children proud of me.

-Keisha, 20, single mom

I liked school, but I was not focused on my grades. I hung around people who were not motivated to do good. I, in turn, had no motivation. I wish I could re-do high school. I regret not doing better.   I now watch my fifteen-year old son in school. He is doing amazing. Watching him motivates me. I am so proud. Watching him do well, makes me feel like I can do better for myself. This is why I am returning to school to get my GED and further my education.  I would very much like to start my GED prep as soon as possible.

-Krystle, 33, single mom

I am a single mother of three children. I can definitely tell you it has been a long journey. I was 16 years old and found out I was 5 months pregnant with my first child. I really didn’t know what to do or how to react. You could say I thought my life was ruined for sure. I tried getting back in to school back in 2010, but it required that I attend during the day. I couldn’t do that with working all the time, so I withdrew myself from that school. I have been wanting to go back to school for a long time.  I started a new job about 11 months ago. It is steady work. I am thankful for that…I am truly blessed. My goals are to show my children that it doesn’t matter how old you are you CAN always go back to school because you never stop learning. Even as adults, we always learn new things that we never knew. I want to get my high-school diploma and continue on with my education. I then want to go on to college, become something my children would be proud to call their mom.  I have found a school I can attend during anytime of the day and its online! All I have to do is come up with a laptop.   I am determined to make a better life for my children and me. Thank you for all you help and support, E.A.R.N.

            -Lila, 23, single mom

I am a soon to be mother and I want to go back to school, get a GED or diploma although I really want a diploma as fast as I can work to get it. Nowadays, most jobs look to see if you’ve completed high school and I want to say I have–to my daughter. I also want to be a nurse so I have to have a diploma or GED.

-Makenzie, 18, single mom

When I was younger, I dropped out because I felt like I was needed at home.  I dropped out of school for many reasons. My father left our family. I felt I needed to stay home and get a job to help my mother with the bills. She did not have enough money to support us so I had to work.

I now have opportunities to get a better job and move forward, but I need my GED. I have had job offers from people who come into my restaurant but I feel I need to get my GED, before I start with a new career. I may even want to continue with my education. I am not proud that I do not have my High School Diploma or GED. I feel that I would have more respect for myself, from my family and others if I could complete this part of my education.

    -Jose, 27, high school drop-out

My goal is to get my high school diploma and go to college, so I can start a career, like my sisters. My mom is making payments on paying sisters tuition & this would really be a big help to me and my family, considering the fact we don’t have the money right now. This would be a huge blessing for me.

-Kayla, 20, high school drop-out

I want to start my new year out by working on my GED and getting into nursing school to become a nurse’s aide and then bring it to a higher level than a nurse’s aide. I want to become a home nurse for those who can’t make it out to their appointments and would like to join the E.A.R.N. program. I need to get my GED so badly I am realizing that I don’t have an education and it is hard to get a job or into a program without it

-Saraha, 21, high school drop-out

I need the GED, because I would like to get a better job that would give me a better life for me and my family. I started looking for a job and now realize that people want to hire people with a High School diploma or GED.  I am tired of not being able to get a good job, so I have come to the conclusion that getting my GED is the best path for me. When I was young, life was hard for my family. We did not have much. I needed to help out with my brothers and sisters. I sometimes needed to stay home and take care of them. I also would have to find a ride to school. Sometimes I could not. Going to school became too hard for me.  Now I have three kids to take care of – two girls and a boy. I would like to provide for them. I want a better life for them. I would love for them to get a college degree.  I have noticed that people will not hire me because I do not have a high school diploma or GED. I feel that if I get a GED it would allow me to get a paying job. I can provide for my kids and show them they can get a better education.

            -Sean, 25, high school drop-out

I really would like to attend college, but can’t because I don’t have a high school diploma. I have been trying for over two years, but every time I got close, I would come back to a dead-end, either because of my age or financial problems.

-Wilashia, 20, high school drop-out

Do you know what it is like to not have a diploma? It’s like a person in a world where you cannot see; a world where everyone and everything seems out of your reach, because of your lack of education. That’s what my life is like.  As I grew older I realized that I had the skill of cutting hair. I used this skill to the best of my ability and I am now a very successful barber. I have an abundant clientele along with some of the greatest co-workers a man could ask for. I even passed my skill along to my eldest son. However, I still yearned for more in life.


I decided to go back to school and get my diploma so that I can finally say I graduated high school. After coming back to school and being this close to getting my high school diploma I feel like this giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders.


My spirit has been rejuvenated thanks to the people at FVHS. I can now move forward in my life without the constraints of not having a high school diploma holding me back anymore. Maybe one day I will even further progress my education to a college level degree. 

      -Norm, E.A.R.N. recipient

I would like to get my GED and go to college. I want my kids to know I am a successful professional. I want to be an example for my kids. I would like to get a good job.  I dropped out of school when I was seventeen. I had a hard time in school, because I did not pay attention like I should have. I had a hard time understanding the work. I was not interested in finishing because I did not see how it would affect my future.  I am currently a stay at home Mom but I used to work for a telemarketer. When I go back to work I want to have more options.  I would like to be a nurse. I enjoy children and would love to work in a nursery. I think this type of job fits my personality.  If I could do High School over again, I would. I wish I would have finished and got my diploma. I think getting my GED will get me back on track and help me succeed by allowing me to go to college and earn a degree.

-Tonya, 25, E.A.R.N. recipient

Tonya has not only completed her GED, but also achieved her CNA license, LPN license and finally RN license.  Tonya is currently working in the post-partum unit of a local hospital.

I was doing pretty well in school, earning all A’s and B’s. I was so afraid, though, because there were guys who beat me up for doing well. Luckily, my mom signed me up to get my high school diploma online. At first, she didn’t think we could afford a private school, but when she found out about E.A.R.N., I was able to go back to working hard in school and getting those A’s (not even B’s this time) again!


-Jimmy, 16, E.A.R.N. recipient

While still in high school, I found out I was pregnant. I couldn’t keep up with both the challenges of school and those of becoming a teen mother. My parents were as helpful as they could be, but the baby’s father was no help at all. I just couldn’t seem to get ahead, as that missing diploma kept me from getting a meaningful job. Still, I was determined to secure a better life for myself and for my daughter. I knew I had to get that diploma somehow…some way. That is where E.A.R.N. came in.


“I thank you guys for helping and making it possible for single mothers such as myself who do not have time nor money to go to school because we have to work to support our family. It was nice to be able to go at my own pace and availability as well. I actually finished a lot sooner than I expected, so I was super excited. Thanks again and God bless!” 


-Ericka, E.A.R.N. recipient

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