Our Mission

The Educational Assistance Resources Network (E.A.R.N.) is an Arizona based non-profit organization established in 2012 with the purpose of providing complete and practical access/opportunities to low-income, or otherwise life-challenged individuals, who are truly seeking a life change through education.

After launching one of the first fully online secondary education programs in the USA, Franklin Virtual Schools, David Hooser quickly realized how big the education completion gap was for disadvantaged (teen and adult) students attempting to enroll in his online high school.  In 2012, with that goal in mind, he established E.A.R.N. to assist in providing the financial and other critical support resources to ensure that “life-challenged” students are empowered and able to reach their education goals.

Past adult student recipient groups include single parents, low-income teen family members that drop out of traditional school for financial reasons, and under-employed/displaced workers.  Teen students come from low-income or single parent lead families or are referred by a variety of partner outreach organizations in Arizona like Teen Challenge, Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services, UMOM, and others.  E.A.R.N. assistance recipients have not completed their high school education (traditional or alternative), yet realize that it is essential to stay engaged, or become re-engaged, in this goal to “EARN” a better life for themselves and their families.


Effectively, E.A.R.N. is about “building stronger communities, one life challenged student at a time.” Through E.A.R.N.’s integrated partner program support, individuals become empowered to improve their lives (and/or the lives of their families), through practical access to relevant academic programs. Their challenge is typically an inability to gain realistic program access based on their present life circumstances.  Their emphasis, initially, is receiving a high school level credential, to ultimately position themselves for enhanced education or higher income job/career opportunities.


As our mission is to empower individuals to become contributors to, rather than consumers of their community.  Our organization’s acronym was carefully chosen, to denote we do not give handouts.  Our participants must “EARN” their education credential. If a single mother student can’t consistently get to the classroom, E.A.R.N. programs can be delivered to her home.  Enhanced access results in shorter program completion times, therefore realizing increased completion rates.  Student qualification is based on student “real-life” circumstance(s), income level, individual desire, aptitude for learning, and ongoing (demonstrated) commitment.


Our Vision

Educational Assistance Resources Network (E.A.R.N.) is dedicated to “building stronger communities, one life-challenged student at a time.” E.A.R.N seeks to break the cycle of poverty by advancing the opportunity for education to those in the greatest need.

Our Values


Compassion and desire to help empower students of all demographics – age, gender, race, circumstance, socio-economic levels of life; enabling others to help themselves.



Thirst for self-improvement through knowledge to achieve success.



Implementation of innovation; adapting to change by introducing new methods; accessibility and resources to benefit the students we serve.



Individual, community and industry cooperation for the common good of the students we serve and the vision we hold.



Strive for quality in everything we do, especially in areas of responsiveness, systems effectiveness, and timely program completion.

Our Charter

The Educational Assistance Resources Network (E.A.R.N.) is a non-profit organization that was established in 2012 with the purpose of providing practical education access/opportunities for low-income, or otherwise disadvantaged individuals, seeking a life change through education.

The purpose of our charitable institution is to:

  1. Raise funds that will provide the basis for educational assistance to qualified students of all ages with limited means that seek an excellent online secondary or trade specific job/skills education program from a credentialed school
  2. Evaluate the eligibility and qualifications of candidates that seek this our assistance
  3. Provide guidance and advice to the online secondary or trade specific education services program
  4. Create a permanent endowment for scholarships and related educational resources needs
  5. Provide some limited support for specialized programs designed for individuals participating in the online secondary or trade specific school program

Our Partners