Our Team


Daily, we receive requests from life-challenged families and students seeking E.A.R.N. assistance to complete a high school level education.  This may seem strange, but with 3M students consistently dropping out of high school each year, there is a serious need for community assistance.  These teens do not realize how challenging their lives (or the lives of their families) will be until years later.  We strive to help these inquiries on an “as needed” basis but need the help of our community to be truly impactful.

With the recent adoption of an aggressive 3-year strategic plan designed to extensively grow our impact into the lives of both single parents and disadvantaged children aging out of the foster care system in Arizona, we are currently seeking influential thinkers to serve on our Board of Directors.  Ideally, candidates will be able to provide the skills and guidance needed for the implementation of our current initiatives through consistent follow through and passion for making a difference in the lives we serve.

Qualified Candidates will be:

  • Passionate about our mission
  • Unafraid of fundraising and community outreach
  • Willing to commit time for board meetings, planning sessions and special events
  • Someone who listens well, is thoughtful in considering issues
  • A results-oriented strategic thinker with excellent follow through

If you feel that you would be a positive addition to the E.A.R.N. Board of Directors and wish to find out more information about this unique opportunity to serve single parents and foster youth in your community, please fill out the Board of Director’s Application below and email your resume to dh@ed-assist.org.   Thank you in advance for your interest!

Our Board

David Hooser

Founder and CEO (and Acting Executive Director)

David Hooser has spent the bulk of his long entrepreneurial career as an electronics executive – primarily in the semiconductor business – with roles ranging from sales to executive management, most with such notable companies as Advanced Micro Devices, National Semiconductor and Motorola Semiconductor. As the co-founder of Educational Assistance Resources Network, David saw unemployed individuals seeking assistance as a challenge he was determined to meet. Having dedicated his life to solving problems through education and technology, David knew first-hand that all it takes is not a hand-out, but rather a hand up and thus, E.A.R.N. was born.

Mark Schwartz



Mark Schwartz has been an accountant for over 30 years. He has worked with both large and small companies both in CPA firms and as CFO. Having spent considerable time guiding non-profits from creation to execution of their mission, Mark sees E.A.R.N. as his next opportunity to make a real difference. Mark has earned a BS in Music Education from Berklee College of Music in Boston as well as a BS in Business Administration and MBA degree both from Suffolk University.  Mark has taught at the elementary, secondary and college levels in the areas of Music, English, Math, Business Administration and Social Studies, giving him first-hand insight into the life transformations made available to youth through education.

Mike Choate


Mike Choate began his career with Viad Corporation (Greyhound-Dial) as a software developer and progressed up through the ranks to Executive Director. After more than twenty years there, Mike developed a unique perspective in IT management and executive leadership. Next, he purchased the data center business from Viad Corp in 1995 and spent the next ten years growing the business into a powerhouse operation before turning his attentions and considerable experience to co-found Educational Assistance Resources Network. Like David, Mike brings his considerable expertise from the IT world to E.A.R.N. knowing that a solution is just around the corner for so many young people, if only we will give them a chance.