A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

The E.A.R.N. Way

Daily, we receive requests from life-challenged families and students seeking E.A.R.N. assistance to complete a high school level education.  This may seem strange, but with 3M students consistently dropping out of high school each year, there is a serious need for community assistance.  These teens and young adults do not realize how challenging their lives (or the lives of their families) will be until years later.  We strive to help as many recipients as we can but need the help of our community to do more than just react. 

To focus our efforts on the greatest opportunities for impacting the lives of those most motivated or most in need, we have designed two emphasis programs-both built on our original program offering a “hand UP, not a hand out.” 

At E.A.R.N. we believe it is much easier – and much more efficient– to invest in educational assistance and resources now-pro-actively, rather than to waste tax dollars to pay the enormous expenses that come from lack, later on. 

What We Provide

While the life challenges or circumstances of each E.A.R.N. recipient may vary, all students will receive the following services as part of their award package:

  • Skills Assessment Test
  • Placement & Learning Plan
  • GED Preparation Program
  • Computer Equipment
  • Internet Access
  • GED Test 
  • Child Care Assistance during program (if applicable)
  • Local Transportation to campus or testing site (if applicable)

How You Can Help

The full scholarship for an E.A.R.N. recipient is $2160.  

While no amount is too small, there are several options to choose from to fund our E.A.R.N. recipients including 1X donations, ongoing monthly support, micro-campaigns or in-kind support sponsorship.  

We are committed to being good stewards of the funds we receive and ensuring our goal to impact as many life-challenged students as we can.  We thank you in advance as you help us build a stronger community-one life-challenged student at a time.

Please note: E.A.R.N. uses PayPal to process donations. You do not need to have a PayPal account to continue.