Aging out Successfully

Currently, there are nearly 16,000 children languishing in the Arizona foster care system. It is estimated that another 600 are being removed from their homes each month.  This group of young adults represents one of the most vulnerable demographics in our state with the slippery slope of consequences from their challenging life circumstances-incarceration, homelessness, teen pregnancy and unemployment.

It is estimated that only 33% of foster children will go on to achieve their high school diploma.  E.A.R.N. is providing a pro-active solution to change that.  With our integrated approach of partner support services-customized to meet the needs of each recipient-we dramatically improve both the experience and results of achieving a high school diploma or GED.  Youths in the process of aging out (typically their final year of care, age 17+) can apply for assistance to ensure successful achievement of their high school diploma or GED.

From a preliminary assessment to determine what additional tutoring or training services may be required to the vital support resources of child care, transportation, online equipment or services and academic counseling, E.A.R.N. provides the framework and system a foster youth can follow to attain their once elusive high school diploma or GED.  For those Aging Out of foster care, this is an opportunity to improve not only their current circumstances but also their options for the future-thereby reducing the rates of homelessness, unemployment and incarceration.  It is a win-win for the community.

What We Provide

While the life challenges or circumstances of each AoA recipient may vary, all students will receive the following services as part of their award package:

  • Skills Assessment Test
  • Placement & Learning Plan
  • GED Preparation Program
  • Computer Equipment
  • Internet Access
  • GED Test
  • Child Care Assistance during program (if applicable)
  • Local Transportation to campus or testing site (if applicable)

How You Can Help

The full scholarship for an AoA recipient is between $2000-$4000* per award.    Amount will vary based on need and route to completion selected-either 1 year high school diploma or GED option.

While no amount is too small, there are several options to choose from to fund our Aging Out Assistance initiative including 1X donations, ongoing monthly support, micro-campaigns or in-kind support sponsorship.

We are committed to being good stewards of the funds we receive and ensuring our goal to impact as many life-challenged students as we can.  We thank you in advance as you help us build a stronger community-one life-challenged student at a time.


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